Uncontested Divorce in Cary, NC

Uncontested divorce in North Carolina is the most common divorce filed.  It is a divorce in which there is not disagreement that grounds for a divorce exist.  The most common ground for divorce in North Carolina is being separated for one full year before filing the claim for divorce.  So long as both parties agree on the date the separation took place and that they have not reconciled at any time in a year after that separation, then you divorce is uncontested.

Pursuing an Uncontested Divorce

A judicial decree that terminates the marriage is called an “absolute divorce”. When the divorce is uncontested, meaning that, the parties agree that grounds to obtain a divorce exist then the process if fairly simple.  There are several steps including:

–       Drafting the complaint

–       Filing the complaint in the appropriate judicial district

–       Serving the complaint

–       Calendaring the hearing

Hiring a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce

Because the process of filing and finalizing your uncontested divorce takes several steps that must be done correctly most people who are filing for divorce hire an attorney.  The attorney can prepare all required pleadings, handle the service process and appropriately calendar your divorce hearing.  An experience attorney can even prepare the uncontested divorce in a manner such that neither party has to appear in court on the date the divorce is to be heard by the court.

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