Contested Divorce in Cary, NC

The most common ground for divorce in North Carolina is the fact of being separate for one full year prior to the filing of the divorce complaint. Contesting a divorce may be as simple as the parties do not agree that they have been separated for one year.  Maybe one spouse believes there was a period of reconciliation or believe it or not maybe one spouse did not even know that their spouse had separated from them.  If a complaint for divorce is filed and such disagreement exists there may be grounds to contest the divorce.

In cases where the parties do not agree that grounds for the Court to grant an absolute divorce exist a hearing will be required to determine if the required grounds exist.  If the divorce is contested it does not mean that the divorce will never happen. It may delay the proceeding until such time as the appropriate grounds exist for the court to grant the divorce.

Interview and Hire an Attorney

It is important that you take all the steps necessary to protect your interests during the divorce process.  If you cannot agree when the separation occurred you may also have significant disagreement on issues like child custody, child support, spousal support and division of marital assets and debts. It’s best to put your trust in an experienced attorney.

Try to Settle

Before going to the courtroom, you may want to try to negotiate some or all of the issues arising from the demise of the marriage. Both parties can authorize their attorneys to attempt settlement through negotiations. A settlement generally means that neither party gets everything they want but it can be reassuring to know you have removed the uncertainty involved in a lengthy court process.

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